Video of doing business in Nigeria

It was one cold winter day when one of the our managers stepped on a plane to fly to Abuja, Nigera.

To say it out it wasn’t the first time to visit Abuja, but this time they took Navirec with them : )

It has been long journey starting from hiring people, building an office and to the first calls and meeting with potential clients. We got lots of positive feedback about our solution and team.

By following our current experience in other countries we used it to build Abuja office and its team to meet the highest level of client support, sales strategies and installation process.

Its been a wonderful time here in Abuja. Lots of new and interesting people. We have had a chance to establish cooperation deals with few local start-ups and companies who would like to be our resellers.

To show the positive and sunny side of Nigeria while doing business here, we put together a little video.

For more information about us give us a ring or come to our office, we are more than happy to introduce Navirec GPS tracking.

Good Morning Africa – Navirec Nigeria Ltd

GSM valve OÜ project (30.08.2012-31.12.2013)
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