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Who our partners and clients are:


Current trends in telecommunication show a decline in revenues from calls and a sharp rise from data transfer services. Since a crucial part of our product is data communication via a mobile network, it is logical for mobile operators to take an interest in our field. Mobile operators all over the world are coming up with new products to improve their competitive edge and increase revenues and our services fit into the scope perfectly. It is web based, requires SIM cards to use the service, and the hardware needed to set up access is either a mobile phone or a similar device.

Transportation companies

Truck companies see the advantages of our product on a daily basis in their books. Fuel costs decrease, mileage decreases, maintenance costs are under control. Logistics department has a real-time overview of every shipment’s position in the world, clients see where their goods are.

Rental companies

Where are my cars? How are they driven? These are questions we provide quick answers for. Navirec helps with scheduling and keeping track of the maintenance of the fleet, controlling misuses and invoicing for it. We also provide detailed reports on the usage of the fleet and help raise the efficiency of the fleet by highlighting underused vehicles.

Sales organizations

Do salespeople visit your client? How much time do they spend there? These are the things that determine whether your products are visible on the market or available in shops, cafeterias, restaurants at all. What about your public image, are cars with your name on it speeding on the roads – Navirec helps to control issues like this.

Security companies

In case of a security alarm Navirec gives information on which car is closest to the location. Dispatch can direct vehicles and coordinate their movement. If a client wants to know if your car drove by their office as agreed Navirec gives the assurance.

Public services

How are public funds used, how do contractors fill their contracts? Has the garbage truck been at the location? Did the snowplough go through the streets at the agreed time and frequency?

These are just some examples of how Navirec can be useful in increasing efficiency. If you want to know more, please contact our representative in your country.


GSM valve OÜ project (30.08.2012-31.12.2013)
Export Development Program